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Just days after the election, Labor has given the climate wrecking Scarborough gas project the green light.

The Scarborough gas project will make it nearly impossible for Australia to meet its current climate obligations. And it’s going to set us even further back in tackling the catastrophic effects of climate change we’re already seeing in Australia and around the world.

Total pollution from the Scarborough Gas project will equal 15 coal fired* power stations every year, making it worse than Adani.

The election results showed that our communities overwhelmingly want Climate action. Despite this both the Liberals and Labor back 114 new coal and gas projects. 

Coal and gas are fueling the climate crisis, and both major parties take millions in donations from fossil fuel companies. Instead of funding climate wrecking projects we should be investing in a renewable energy export industry that will power our country into the future and tackle the climate crisis. That’s why we’re calling on Labor to listen to communities and stop the Scarborough Gas development. 

Join us in telling Labor - no new coal and gas.



*Source: Why the Scarborough LNG development cannot proceed - The Australia Institute, May 2021