Fix the waste crisis

I call on the Victorian Government to fix the waste crisis
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When China stopped taking our waste, tens of thousands of tonnes of recycling was dumped in landfill because we didn’t have an adequate recycling system here in Victoria.

For decades the government neglected waste and recycling, creating this mess. But the recycling crisis has provided an opportunity to fix the industry and create local jobs.

The Greens have solutions, and we’re getting results.

So far, we've secured:

  • a ban on single-use plastic bags.
  • a 10 cent refund on bottles and cans (by 2023)
  • a separate glass recycling bin for all households (from 2021) 
  • A ban on single use plastic cutlery, plates, drink-stirrers, straws, cotton bud sticks, and polystyrene food and drink containers (by 2023)
  • a government plan to use recycled materials in roads and infrastructure
  • funding to grow our recycling industry.

But there’s still more to do to fix Victoria’s waste crisis.

Please sign the petition to show your support for the Greens plan to:

  • phase out all unnecessary single-use plastics, like plastic on fruit and veggies
  • allow everyone to put food scraps in their green bins by 2025, to be turned into compost
  • set strong targets for the use of recycled materials in all infrastructure and large government purchases
  • fund projects that create a reusable culture, like refill stations for detergent bottles in supermarkets
  • stop toxic waste incinerators, which harm our health and create pollution

Click here to find out more about the Greens solutions for waste.