Keep the Arts Alive in Victoria

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Help keep music and the Arts alive in Victoria

Supporting the musicians and creators who bring us joy, inspiration and entertainment.


Whether it’s the music you’ve listened to, the books you’ve read, or the TV shows you’re binge-watching, the arts, music and creative industries have been crucial in getting us through this pandemic.

Yet our creative and live music industries have taken a huge hit as a result of COVID-19. Thousands of workers, including musicians, writers, events staff, photographers and many more, have lost their incomes, with no idea when they will be able to work again. 

The Victorian Government has committed some welcome short-term funding to 260,000 creative workers who enrich our lives. But that’s only $188 per person. It’s nowhere near enough. And that’s in contrast to the $44 million that has been committed to the horse racing industry alone!

Right now, the Andrews Labor Government is making decisions about who it will support as we claw our way out of this economic crisis. Will it be the creative workers who fill our lives with sound, colour and movement, or will it be the gambling, fossil fuel and property development industries? 

Add your name to the urgent call for Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor to support live music and the arts with:

  • Greater emergency financial support for workers in the arts, music, entertainment and creative industries who’ve lost work and been left out of COVID-19 support
  • A dedicated fund of $50 million to support live music venues (not gambling venues!) to stay afloat until they can get back up and running
  • Dedicated funding that puts the arts, music, entertainment and creative industries centre stage as we rebuild Victoria’s economy over the coming months and years

Thanks for joining the campaign to keep our precious music, arts, entertainment and events workers safe now, and to put them centre stage as we rebuild a better future.