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Local councils should reflect the diversity of the communities they represent, and our laws should help make that happen.

Instead, the Andrews Labor Government is trying to pass new laws that would rig the system in favour of the Labor and Liberal parties, shutting out independents and smaller parties, and making it harder for minorities and women to get elected.

The new laws would get rid of proportional representation through multi-member ward structures and instead create single-member wards in local councils, which significantly favour the two major parties and decrease the chance that a voter's first preference will get elected. 

Single-member ward structures have been highly problematic in councils where they already exist, which is why the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has consistently recommended that councils retain or move to a multi-member ward system.

The Andrews Labor Government needs to take the advice of the VEC, and keep multi-member ward structures to protect diversity on local councils and protect local democracy.