Protect Local Democracy

Protect Local Democracy

Australians want local councils that represent the local community, free from external political and corporate interference. 

But the Andrews Labor Government is proposing new laws designed to make it easier for Labor and Liberal councillors to get elected, shutting out independents and other parties in the process. 

Labor is rigging the system so they can have more control over councils, and local democracy will suffer as a result.

Local councillors should be elected because they are strong representatives for their community, but Labor’s new laws will make it harder for women and minorities to get elected. 

Labor has also backed away from reforming political donation laws, allowing property developers and the gambling industry to make huge donations and buy influence in local communities. 

The Victorian Greens want to protect and bolster local democracy.

That's why we will propose the following amendments to the government’s bill:

  • Stop the move towards single-member wards, which will rig local councils in favour of Labor and the Liberals.

  • Ban political donations from property developers and the gambling industry to local government campaigns.

  • Lower the voting age in local government elections to 16 years.

Democracy means working in the interest of the people, not for political parties and corporations on a power mission. Labor needs to keep its hands off local government and leave local councils to local communities.

Support our call to protect local democracy

Protect diversity on local councils

Help us stop the government's bill to rig local councils in favour of the big parties, making it harder for independents, minorities and women to get elected.

Ban dodgy donations in local government

Local government should make decisions for the community, not property developers and the gambling industry.

Lower the voting age to 16

Our democracy is stronger when more people are able to participate in decision making.

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