Asbestos costs at Sunshine College


Asbestos costs at Sunshine College

My constituency question is for the Minister for Education.

Sunshine College was allocated $28m for rebuilding of two of its campuses, with two other campuses to be permanently closed.

Asbestos was found when construction started, so the Government dropped key parts of the project. Apparently no contingencies are in place and the Government refused to cover the costs of the asbestos removal outside of the $28m.

The upgrades to West Campus will now not cater for Years 7-12, as previously promised. This College will be without a performing arts building. It will have no gymnasium and no specialist TAFE facilities. Common/recreational spaces will be reduced.

Sunshine College is the only school in the area that remains unzoned with an enormous catchment area. Neighbouring Braybrook and St Albans Secondary Colleges are at capacity.

Why didn’t the Government funded the $5.5m asbestos removal from the 2018-19 Victorian School Asbestos Program to ensure timely and full delivery of this project as originally scoped?

Huong Truong MLC