Huong's six months milestone as Greens MP



Today marks six months since I was sworn in as the Greens member for Western Metro. As the first Vietnamese-Australian woman to be sworn into any Australian parliament. What an incredible privilege this is.

I have raised questions against this government’s shameful West Gate Tunnel project, the delayed Footscray Hospital rebuild, and prosecuted the case for Victoria to implement an exit strategy for landfills.

The many and various other fights we Greens are fighting so that our constituents in safe seats can still expect to be heard in this place.

When you start at any workplace, it takes you awhile to get your bearings. Even harder when the workspace is steeped in elitist traditions of colonial times and predominantly white and male. Across the floor, they’ve heckle us as we get on with the work. In no other workplace could you behave in such a way and expect to keep your job.

We are the political arm of progressive movements here and worldwide, true to the promise of a truly democratic and compassionate politics.

We are are a party room of seven women of eight members, being a public school teacher speaking on education, a forest activist holding the government to account on logging, former social and community workers speaking on women’s issues, gambling harm and housing issues.

This diversity of representation is possible because our grassroots politics is working and our members made space for each of us to enter this place.

To the everyone who is yet to see themselves reflected in this place out there, we see you and we are making space for you. I am more determined than ever to do good work in this place and keep our democracy working for all Victorians.

Huong Truong MLC