Alex Breskin

Federal Candidate for Isaacs

Hi I'm Alex

I am a system designer, community advocate and campaigner, and am proud to run as your Greens candidate for Isaacs so we can hold the big end of town to account.

As a Kingston resident I know how tough the pandemic has been for our community. The pandemic gave the government a chance to solve long-term problems, but instead billionaires and big corporations made massive profits while young people went backwards. Your vote is powerful, and together we can push the next government to go further and faster: addressing the climate crisis, extending Medicare and ensuring everyone has access to affordable housing and a secure job. The UN's IPCC report has sounded the alarm. We need to urgently phase out coal and gas, invest in renewable energy and transition workers into clean and green jobs now. 

I will be a fierce public advocate for the people of Isaacs, fighting for what we need so we can all have a better life.