Angelica Di Camillo

State Candidate for Rowville

Hi, I'm Angelica

I am a local environmental engineer. Growing up in Rowville has allowed me to appreciate the need to preserve our green spaces and lakes in our district and ensure that our community has effective, compassionate representation.

That is why I am standing as your Greens representative. We need to bring back openness, transparency and accountability in a government that has ignored our needs for too long. 

The Greens will act on the cost of living crisis, housing unaffordability, and the overloaded healthcare system. We will push for long-term investment into public transport infrastructure in our electorate, and for the government further and faster to act on the climate crisis. Rowville has extremely limited public transport with no trams and trains - it’s time to change that.

Your vote is powerful, and with it, we can create a government that listens and acts on our needs.