Declan McGinness

Candidate for Moonee Valley City Council - Fairbairn Ward

Hi, I'm Declan

I am committed to advocating for community well-being, affordable housing and local climate action. Living in Fairbairn has deeply connected me to our community’s vibrant spirit and unique challenges. 

The climate crisis demands urgent local action. The housing crisis has pushed the dream of secure, affordable housing out of reach for so many in our community. Both issues demonstrate the need for compassionate, innovative policies that create a liveable, equitable world for all. I will work alongside our grassroots movements to address local issues and ensure our voices are heard. I will champion green spaces, affordable housing and support multicultural communities. 

I am a musician and passionate about local arts and culture. I am also a supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights and as someone with lived experience of mental illness, I advocate for mental health awareness. 

Let’s create a resilient community that prioritises the wellbeing of all.

Your vote is powerful.