Declan McGinness

State Candidate for Niddrie

Hi, I'm Declan

I am a local committed to standing up for Niddrie. The major parties have taken our area for granted for too long, and it’s time for change. Together, we can give the community representation with integrity.

Our precious environment is under threat. The climate crisis continues to present major challenges to the wellbeing of our communities, local ecosystems and economies. The Greens will push to replace coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

The cost of living is increasing, housing is becoming less affordable, education is harder to get and the health system is under enormous strain. Most concerning of all, few believe the government holds their best interests at heart. The Greens will push for more affordable housing and strengthen renters’ rights.

Your vote is powerful. With your help, we can create a government that truly represents us all.