Deepak Joshi

Candidate for Manningham City Council - Currawong Ward

Hi, I'm Deepak 

I’m an entrepreneur, community advocate and social justice activist. I’ve worked in interfaith dialogue, multicultural affairs and inclusion and am passionate about making our community a welcoming, inclusive and sustainable place. 

Manningham deserves representation that reflects its rich cultural tapestry and prioritises the needs of all its residents. We need real action on the cost of living , protecting Mannigham's parklands and tree canopy, and easily  accessible public transport. We need a council that is committed to genuine community engagement, particularly with diverse communities and in providing genuine support when communities are affected by local or global events. 

We also need to advocate for greater transparency and accountability in local government. I am actively involved in volunteer work providing food aid, settlement services and human rights advocacy and I will bring this dedication to the local council.  

Together, let’s build a better future for everyone in Manningham. 

Your vote is powerful.