Mat Morgan

Federal Candidate for Monash

Hi, I'm Mat


I am a musician living in Foster, and am currently studying politics and philosophy at university. I believe strongly in equality, rights and respect, and securing a sustainable future for all. Climate change is threatening our way of life, but the major parties keep backing more coal and gas. We need to phase out fossil fuels now and invest in renewable energy instead, creating thousands of clean and green jobs in the process. 

A sustainable future doesn't only mean a safe climate though, we must urgently address social inequalities. With the Greens in balance of power we can make big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax so we can focus on better access to services, affordable housing and secure work for all members of our community. 

I'm running because I believe I can make a difference. My generation is worried about the future, but I am going to make sure everyone in Monash knows there is another path, if we act now