Rachel Iampolski

State Candidate for Caulfield

Hi, I'm Rachel Iampolski


I am a proud life-long local with a background in research, I am committed to evidence-based decision making to ensure our great community continues to thrive into the future. 

I will build on the strong Caulfield tradition of caring for community by fighting for this ethos at the State level.

I believe in the people of Caulfield. We understand that our existing leadership has failed to stand up for what matters, and this election we have an opportunity to create sustained change. Now is the time to invest in critical healthcare, sustainable transport infrastructure, a fair housing system and renewable energy to combat the rising costs of oil, coal and gas that have affected local families and businesses.

With your help, I will bring integrity and progressive action to our electorate,  to invest in our long-term future. Your vote is powerful.