Richard Whitfield

Candidate for Port Phillip City Council - Port Melbourne ward

Hi, I'm Richard

With a wealth of lived experience and a strong commitment to our community, I am deeply engaged in the Port Phillip area through my work with the Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network and the City of Port Phillip Older Persons Advisory Committee.

Port Phillip can be a truly inclusive, sustainable and thriving community, driven by evidence-based solutions to combat climate change. I am dedicated to amplifying the voices of both older homeowners and younger renters in Port Melbourne, ensuring everyone’s concerns are heard and addressed. 

I hold a PhD in engineering and am passionate about our local community; whether it’s volunteering for the beach clean up, local fruit harvesting or mentoring young people with their career development, I love this place and its people.  

I will advocate for progressive policies at all levels of government, fostering a brighter future for all residents of Port Phillip. Together, we can ensure our local community is sustainable, welcoming and thriving. 

Your voice is powerful.