Donald Clarke

#2 Candidate for South West Region

Hello, I’m Donald Clarke, your #2 Greens candidate for the South West Region. It is my great pleasure to support Diane Evers MLC as she seeks re-election to the state upper house, the Legislative Council.

I spent a fair bit of my childhood growing up in parts of the South West including Coodanup and Donnybrook. For the last 13 years my wife and I and our two teen-age children have called Denmark home. This continues a long family connection with the region, including my grandfather and father dairy farming in Pinjarra, and my great-grandparents settling in the Denmark area in 1895 before Denmark even existed.

After a career as a university lecturer, organisational consultant and management coach, I have put my time in Denmark to supporting many community development and environmental protection organisations, varying from Denmark Arts festival manager to treasurer of the Denmark Environment Centre to numerous regional climate action initiatives. I have a deep commitment to sustainability; I was a key player in developing the only eco-village within a rural town in Australia (where my family now lives). Thus, I know how diverse the South West is, and the challenges and issues this amazing region faces – from threats to our forests and other natural wonders, to the need to support and regenerate our farming, to poverty, homelessness, youth unemployment and inadequate social services.

This all  underpins my conviction that our region needs to keep a strong progressive voice in parliament, as Diane has been providing for the last few years. Only the Greens have the principles and policy that truly support rural people and rural treasures, and only Diane will continue to bring regional and rural issues and compassionate, progressive solutions to the attention of parliament. 

So, I strongly urge you to vote in March for the Greens (WA) ticket for the WA Legislative Council and ensure Diane can continue to advocate for environmental sustainability, positive social change and a better deal for the South West.

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