Jody Freeman

Greens candidate for Brand

As a Wellard local, and in my job as a District Manager of retail stores here in Brand and beyond, I have seen first hand how our community in has been let down by the old parties. Labor governments take our votes for granted, while the Liberals ignore us completely.

Both the old parties have allowed big corporations to rake in huge profits and privatise essential services taking away jobs while leaving many people struggling and Brand not thriving as it should.

We see the impact this has on our struggling public school system, with record unemployment, exorbitant higher education costs and a lack of health services affecting job seekers, community members and businesses alike.

Every day, we see things we wish we could change. We wish we could help people experiencing hardship, environments under threat, animals suffering.

For years I volunteered and worked for different charities and not-for-profits trying to make a difference. But I came to realise that most of these organisations were actually just mopping up the impacts of bad Government policy.

That’s why I chose to be part of the Green movement and to be your candidate for Brand, because I know that The Greens are the only party brave enough to fix our broken system and bring real change for all of us.

Together, we can create an Australia that we are proud of, that mirrors the values of people in Brand. An Australia that is inclusive, supportive and gives everybody access to the things they need for a better life like healthcare, education and housing.

With strong Green voices in our Parliament like our very own Senator from Brand, Jordon Steele-John we will hold the Government to account and pave the way for a better future, one that stops our hard earned tax dollars from lining the pockets of big corporations and multi-millionaires and instead funds the essential services our communities need.

Jordon is Baldivis local who has been an active community member for a number of years. He understands and fights for what matters to people here in Brand, not for the profits at the big end of town. Brand finally has its own voice in the senate and we need your help to keep it there!

I am lucky enough to count Jordon as a close friend and now that he is a Senator, I watch proudly as he defends the key values of not only Brand but our state, and now I  want to join him in the fight!

There is growing inequality between the haves and the have nots both here in Brand and across Australia right now. We need reinvestment in our community services, and clear leadership to help create the clean energy jobs of the future. We need a Government that funds essentials services instead giving tax cuts to big businesses so we can build a future for Brand that includes all of us.

Brand is a beautiful place to live, and I wouldn’t chose to be anywhere else. We are being left behind, while the marginal seats and the top end of town enjoy the spoils of our labour. But we will not be ignored.

It’s time for Brand to get a new deal.

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