Sophie Greer

Federal candidate for Perth

I’m Sophie, and I'm a community organiser, a public health expert, and a local councillor. It’s my privilege to be your Greens candidate for the Federal Seat of Perth. 

I have knocked on doors, dialled phones and coordinated real outcomes as a community organiser. I’ve seen first hand what our community can do when we come together and it’s powerful. 

From talking with thousands of people in Perth at their doors, I know many in our community have been doing it tough. 

A roof over everyone’s head, food on everyone’s table, and affordable healthcare for all. In a wealthy city like Perth, this shouldn’t be an aspiration - it should be the bare minimum.

Instead of prioritising the policies that would transform the lives of everyone in our community, the major parties have been focusing on appeasing the fossil fuel corporations that donate to them. Time and time again the Labor and Liberal parties make decisions in the parliament that are in the interest of their donors, and not our local community. 

This election we have a real opportunity to get more Greens into parliament to push the government further and faster on issues that matter to us; like urgent action on the climate crisis and genuine solutions to address housing affordability. 

A better future for Perth is possible – but we have to make it happen together. 

See you out there,



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