Our Climate Crisis Plan

The Greens plan to tackle climate change head on and turn WA into a world leading renewable energy powerhouse.

The Greens will ensure a swift transition to a zero-emissions economy powered by 100% renewable energy that looks after people, builds the green jobs of the future and ensures a gas-free WA.

This is it. We are in a climate crisis. We’re seeing its effects all around us: hotter summers, devastating bushfire seasons, decreased rainfall and rising sea levels. To make matters worse, it’s those that are doing it toughest that are also hardest hit by the impacts of climate change, starting with our First Nations communities, the farmers in our regions, and young people whose futures are determined by the actions we take today.

There is good news though. While WA is especially vulnerable to climate change, we have a competitive advantage to lead climate action and the renewable energy transition. This will create thousands of high wage jobs and a more resilient, diverse economy, particularly for our regional areas as we navigate our way out of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Greens have a plan for a rapid, carefully managed transition to a zero-emissions economy that is powered by renewable energy and keeps coal and gas firmly in the ground. This plan will also regenerate our environment whilst drawing down millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, creating thousands more jobs in the process and putting people and communities at the heart of these solutions.

The Greens will:

Repower WA by rapidly transitioning to 100% renewables, banning fracking and phasing out coal and gas · More »

Accelerate a zero-carbon economy by decarbonising our buildings, transport network and industry · More »

Create thousands of green jobs and ensure no-one is left behind in the transition to a zero carbon future · More »

Regenerate our forests, wetlands and oceans, drawing down millions of tonnes of carbon emissions in the process · More »

Legislate targets for achieving net-zero emissions and 100% renewable energy and deliver a long-term climate change strategy for Western Australia · More »

Our plan

Transition to renewables

Rapidly transition WA to 100% renewables

The Greens are committed to a clean energy future. We will deliver a rapid, planned phase-out of coal and gas that supports fossil fuel workers and communities through the transition to clean, green jobs of the future. We will invest in the technologies to build a decentralised, reliable renewable energy grid fit for the 21st century that makes energy more affordable to all Western Australians.

This plan will give us a competitive advantage on local clean, green manufacturing opportunities, like lithium ion battery production and exporting excess clean energy to the world. And we must end corporate donations to political parties to stop the gas industry’s stranglehold over government policy.



Zero-carbon economy

Accelerate a zero-carbon economy

The Greens will invest in net zero emissions strategies across our economy with a focus on buildings, transport and Industry. This includes building 15,000 new social houses to 7.5-star (NatHERS) energy rating; electrifying our public transport system; investing in cycling and active

transport infrastructure; rolling out an electric vehicle fast-charging network; re-booting WA’s recycling infrastructure; and creating a $2.5 billion WA Sustainable Industry Investment Fund to drive the transition to clean manufacturing and industry.



Create green jobs

Create thousands of green jobs and ensure no one is left behind

No one should be left behind in the transition to a zero carbon future. The Greens have a plan to take hold of the exciting opportunities in the clean, green industries of the future, creating thousands of high wage jobs whilst putting people and equality at the heart of it all. Our plan ensures that First Nations people play a fundamental role in co-designing and leading climate solutions.

We will develop comprehensive transition plans with and for coal and gas workers and communities. We will deliver substantial investments in clean, green jobs. We will grow the care economy and creative industries and restore the public service sector. We will provide universally accessible and free childcare.



Regenerate environment

Regenerate our environment

Our soils, forests, oceans and wetlands are some of our most valuable assets when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. These ecosystems are all vast carbon sinks, drawing down and storing carbon from the atmosphere. In addition, they support our unique biodiversity, flora and fauna and contribute to our health and wellbeing. When these critical ecosystems are destroyed or damaged the carbon they hold is released, further exacerbating our carbon emissions crisis.

The Greens will end native forest logging, develop a sustainable plantation forestry industry producing long term products like housing and furniture, support farmers, pastoralists and their communities in adapting to regenerative practices, and support community-led regeneration projects.



Climate emergency

Legislate the climate emergency

WA is the only state in Australia with rising emissions and, according to the WA Labor Government, this will continue for years to come.

This is not good enough. We must start reducing our emissions NOW.

The Greens will legislate targets of 100% renewable energy by 2030 and

net zero emissions by 2035, implement a climate change strategy that embeds climate change at the heart of all government decision making, and establish a Climate Change Council. Doing this will ensure we start reducing our emissions immediately, are able to meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement and give business and industry the certainty it needs to invest in clean, green solutions for the future.



We need you!

We have big plans for WA, but we need your help to make them a reality.

Now is a very exciting time to volunteer with us! Together, we can get urgent action on climate change and tackle inequality by electing more Greens MPs into WA Parliament at the March 2021 election.