Mental Health

The Greens (WA) believe that:

  • all people who experience mental illness should be able to live free from stigma, discrimination and exclusion, and maximise their social and employment opportunities
  • all people who experience mental illness should have access to high quality mental health care, treatment and support that is tailored to meet their specific needs
  • the vital role of carers should be acknowledged, respected and supported
  • research and evaluation are crucial to reducing the incidence of mental health problems and improving outcomes for people experiencing and living with mental illness


The Greens (WA) want:

  • provision of adequate, affordable and coordinated services for all people with mental illness including community-based and hospital services (see also The Greens (WA) Health policy)
  • appropriate accommodation options and social support for people with ongoing serious mental illness
  • increased funding for the promotion of mental health and well-being and, where possible, the prevention and early identification of mental illness
  • increased funding for mental health research


The Greens (WA) will initiate and support legislation and actions that:

Treatment Services

  • provide an appropriate and adequate mix of community-based and inpatient clinical treatment services that deliver a broad range of culturally appropriate care options including crisis, acute, non-acute and ongoing care
  • enable people with mental health problems to have a significant say in their individual treatment and care, including the opportunity to give informed consent for their treatment
  • recognise and promote the importance of continuity of care and follow up services
  • improve the provision of mental health services in regional, rural and remote areas
  • improve the provision of emergency and crisis response
  • increase recognition and support for carers of people with a mental illness
  • expand and increase the availability of services for people with co-morbidity and complex needs

Coordination and Integration of Service Provision

  • provide integrated and coordinated services including health, housing, education, employment programs and job opportunities for people with mental illness
  • address the rate of homelessness amongst people with mental illness (see also The Greens (WA) Housing policy)
  • provide a range of supported accommodation options to meet people’s individual needs
  • ensure refugees and asylum seekers, especially those in government detention, have access to mental health services in order to address the disproportionate suicide and self-harm rate amongst those groups

Prevention and Early Intervention

  • fund the delivery of mental health and well-being education programs, including school-based, workplace and community programs
  • increase funding for specialist prevention and early intervention services for youth (see also The Greens (WA) Youth policy)
  • provide specialist services for the early years, including parent and baby services
  • provide specialist support services for children who have experienced trauma (see also The Greens (WA) Children policy)

Suicide Prevention and Bereavement

  • fund evidence-based suicide prevention programs, including community-level programs and targeted programs for at-risk groups
  • provide specialist support services to those bereaved by suicide, particularly children
  • fund rigorous research into suicide risk and protective factors

Mental Health and Justice

  • reduce the over-representation of people with mental health problems in the criminal justice system including through the provision of court diversion programs and specialised care and support for mentally impaired accused persons (see also The Greens (WA) Justice policy)
  • improve the provision of mental health services within correctional facilities
  • repeal mandatory sentencing provisions
  • fund specialist services for the transportation of people experiencing psychosis
  • establish Declared Places1
  • ensure improved levels of education and training for the police and corrective services staff in dealing with people with mental illness

(See also the Australian Greens Health policy)


  1. Declared Place - the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996 (WA) defines a declared place as a place declared to be a place for the detention of the mentally impaired accused.  That is, declared places are to house people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities who have been accused of a crime.  Declared places focus on rehabilitation and training in a community, home-like environment.

Mental Health policy ratified by The Greens (WA) in 2017

The Greens (WA) mental health spokesperson is Alison Xamon MLC