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It's time to give Creative Australia a much needed boost

The Arts and Entertainment Industry was one of the first to be hit by social distancing restrictions, it has suffered enormously throughout the last two years, and will be one of the last industries recover.

Clearly, the $112bn a year arts and entertainment industry does not matter to the Morrison Government who have consistently failed to deliver the support required to keep the industry afloat.

The arts and entertainment industry is vital to our economic recovery. Not only are other industries like tourism, hospitality and accommodation all going to benefit from its revival, but the sector is primed for stimulus. The industry can go in early and hard and put money into the pockets of workers who are in great need of an income and are going to spend what they earn.

The Greens have a plan to turbocharge Creative Australia and your vote is powerful. If just a few hundred people change their vote, we can kick the Liberals out, and put the Greens in balance of power

We'll invest in our culture, stories, arts and live music with long term funding arrangements, to create secure well paid jobs. Our plan ensures the creation of Australian stories for local audiences so we all get the chance to see ourselves reflected on our screens, stages and in our galleries.

Telling stories enriches our lives with meaning, and it’s critical we invest in the people to deliver it.

The Greens plan includes

  • Providing additional Covid recovery funding through the RISE fund
  • Establishing a $1 billion Live Performance Fund to inject money into Australia’s festival, music and live performance sector
  • Supporting the recovery of the arts industry with additional Covid recovery funding and pandemic insurance for live events
  • Growing Australia's local screen industry with a $1 billion 'Australian Stories Fund'
  • Regulating global streaming giants and require services to invest 20% of money earned from Australian subscribers to be spent on Australian content.
  • Establishing multi-disciplinary Creativity Commission with $10 million a year fund.
  • Providing pandemic insurance for live events
  • Legislating a minimum performance fee to provide stability for live performers
  • Investing in arts education with the establishment of a new arts school
  • Pilot Artists Wage program to help 10,000 Australian artists have an amazing year of creativity

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