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We need people power to put pressure on the major parties to root out corruption and build a democracy that works for everyone. 

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It’s time to take our democracy back.

Liberal and Labor are incapable of delivering a better future for all of us because they are beholden to their big donors including property developers, big banks, and mining giants that hand them donations in return for secret meetings and favourable decisions worth billions, with no transparency or accountability.

Since 2012 the two major parties have taken over $100 million from big corporations.

Even the politicians get cushy lobbyist jobs when they leave parliament. Everybody wins! Except you.

It’s time to take our democracy back. The Greens will return integrity to politics, hold politicians and parties to account to ensure policies benefit all of us, not just those who can pay for a seat at the table.

Our Plan:

Ban political donations
We'll ban political donations from mining, property development, tobacco, alcohol, banking, defence, pharmaceutical and gambling industries, and limit all other donations to $1,000 per year. Until those bans and caps are in place, we’d ensure all donations above $1,000 are reported to the public in close to real time.

Shine a light on shady lobbying
We’ll ban MPs from becoming industry lobbyists after they retire, and make details of meetings between industry lobbyists and politicians publicly available.

Investigate and expose corruption
Root out corruption by creating a federal anti-corruption commission to investigate and prosecute politicians when they do the wrong thing. 

Defend democracy
We'll protect the rights of community groups, charities and not-for-profits to speak out about government policy, and be advocates for their communities.