Climate Crisis

Tell Labor: No more Coal and Gas

Tell Labor's Environment Minister to use her powers to stop coal, oil and gas in its tracks.

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Make no mistake, this is a climate disaster.

2023 smashed the record for the world’s hottest year by a huge margin, hitting 1.48C above pre-industrial levels.

Extreme fires and deadly heatwaves are being fueled by the mining and burning of coal and gas. Labor knows this.

Labor bears some responsibility for these fires - Labor governments across the country have been approving new coal and gas projects for decades. Federal Labor approved 5 new coal projects in 2023 alone.

There are 116 new coal and gas projects in the pipeline. They are making the crisis worse.

The only way to keep people safe is to stop adding more fuel to the climate fire: no more coal and gas.

Labor and the Liberals take millions of dollars in donations from coal and gas corporations, give them billions in public handouts, while these corporations pay no tax and make massive profits causing the damage.

The science is clear: every tonne of coal and gas burnt increases the intensity and speed of changes to our climate.

That means more floods, more intense droughts and heatwaves, and more frequent bushfires.

The Greens are calling on the Labor government to:

  • Commit to no more coal, oil and gas
  • Require, by law, that all new mines or big developments are assessed for their climate impact before being given environmental approval
  • Stop fossil fuel subsidies to pay for the clean up
  • Support coal and gas communities through the transition

How many lives need to be lost? How many species must be made extinct? How much destruction must be caused before Labor listens to scientists, emergency services and the community?

Join us in calling on the government to commit to no more coal and gas to ensure a safe climate future for all of us.