End the cruelty

Close The Camps

Looking after one another is at the core of who we are as Australians. That’s why we’re committed to creating fair processes to help people find safety and rebuild their lives with dignity. Help us convince the major parties to treat refugees and asylum seekers with compassion by adding your voice to our campaign now.

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No more torture. We demand freedom for every person held in offshore detention.

All of us, including people who are fleeing war-torn countries, have the right to live free from danger, be treated with dignity and be given help when we need it most. 

If only the major parties understood. Instead, Labor and Liberal governments have spent years locking up people in offshore hellholes, perpetrating human rights abuses and separating families who have asked for our help -- all in a cruel attempt to win votes and divide our community.

Unlike them, the Greens will always defend the rights of innocent people held in indefinite detention. We won’t stop fighting until the camps are closed and every person trapped is provided refuge in Australia.

Our Plan:

  • End offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru, bringing refugees to safety and freedom in Australia, and ensuring we create a fairer and safer system that helps more people and meets our international obligations 
  • Increase Australia’s humanitarian intake to 50,000 per year
  • Push for a faster, fairer, and more affordable family reunion visa system that actually
  • reunites families
  • Provide an additional 4000 humanitarian places for refugees from Afghanistan and protect Afghan citizens already in Australia 
  • Establish a regional solution for people seeking asylum 
  • Introduce a 7 day limit for onshore detention and provide fair support for people seeking asylum 
  • Abolish Temporary Protection Visas and reintroduce Permanent Protection Visas for refugees