Demand A Ceasefire Now


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Stop the violence and end the occupation.

The Australian Greens condemn the killings of civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and Lebanon. No civilian should be the target of the violence of war. 

To achieve peace the Australian and global community must work together to bring to an end the occupation of the Palestinian territories. We must demand that our government join the global calls for a ceasefire.

We must respond to these horrors with compassion, we must respond with honesty and we must respond with a determination to achieve a just and lasting peace that ends the cycle of violence that has seen thousands of civilians killed.

The Australian Greens are encouraging people to get in touch with their Federal and State Members of Parliament, and are also encouraging people to attend peaceful rallies which are happening across the country.

The Greens are calling for:

  • the Australian Government to back an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Hamas to release all hostages who were taken on October 7th, unconditionally.
  • an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories including the removal of Israeli settlers and security forces from all Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 including the land and sea blockade of Gaza.
  • the planners and perpetrators of the October 7 attack to be brought to justice in accordance with international law, and that there are independent UN and ICC backed investigations of the war crimes being committed by the state of Israel in Gaza right now.
  • equitable allocation of natural resources and an end to the siege ensuring Palestinians can access water, food, electricity and medicine. 
  • full equality before the law for every person irrespective of ethnicity, religion, language, race, gender identity, class disability, sexuality or other social status in Palestine and Israel.

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