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The Disability Royal Commission recommendations are in. Now it's time for action!

The Disability Royal Commission (DRC) has produced 222 recommendations total. Ahead of the DRC closing, together we called for:

1. Ongoing Reporting & Consequences: A dedicated platform that disabled people can report their experiences of ableism beyond the end of this Commission.

2. Accountability & Action: Establish a dedicated Minister for Disability, supported by a specialised department solely focused on disability issues.

3. Collective Liberation: Many of the support systems disabled people rely on are not equitable or intersectional in the support they provide.

Each of these points have been captured in the recommendations, to varying extents. This itself is a huge win and testament to our community power!

In response to the conclusion of the DRC, the Government have announced they will establish a “cross office task force” to coordinate the next steps. 

The scale of work needed to implement the recommendations (in the urgent timeframe we need them!) - will require a Minister of Disability, with the full power of a Ministry behind them.

A task force won’t cut it and the Commissioners agree because they put this forward as one of their recommendations. 

Join our campaign to push the Government to take the swift action required. Disabled people deserve justice.