End Gambling Harm


We must rein in the gambling industry, regulate its advertising, and get pokies out of pubs & clubs.

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Strong federal regulation on gambling is overdue. We need action now.

The gambling industry is harming too many Australians and their communities, and the government is not taking action to protect them.

Australians lose billions of dollars on gambling each year and gambling advertising continues to plague sports games, television and the internet.

Gambling causes enormous harm to individuals, their families and communities. Even our kids are exploited through video games, mobile apps, and targeted advertising.

Yet, the Labor Government and the Liberals continue to receive millions of dollars in political donations from the gambling industry.

Genuine gambling reform is an issue the Labor Government can no longer shy away from. The time for action is now. The longer Labor delay, the more harm the gambling industry can inflict on thousands of Australians.

The Greens are the only political party with a clear plan to reduce gambling harm, that goes beyond advertising bans to comprehensive national regulation. We believe the government should focus on protecting people and communities, not cozying up to industry lobbyists and protecting corporate profits.

The Greens are calling on the Labor Government to: 

  • Establish a National Independent Gambling Regulator. 
  • Urgently ban all gambling advertising across TV, radio and online.  
  • End the grip of the gambling industry on politics by banning political donations from gambling and other destructive industries.  

We need a consistent approach to gambling - not a patchwork of regulations and loopholes that gambling companies and casinos can exploit. Effective regulation and a watchdog with teeth will ensure governments and corporations accept their responsibility in reducing gambling harm

Join us in calling on the Labor Government to put people before profit and urgently act on gambling harm.