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INDEPENDENT police inquiry now

Police should not be investigating police. Add your voice to the call for a truly independent investigation into the AFP.

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We need an independent inquiry into the AFP.

Revelations that the AFP used controlled operations to entrap a 13 year old autistic boy with an IQ of 71, have raised serious concerns about risks posed to individuals and the community by AFP operations. ¹

The boy’s parents approached police seeking help after they were concerned their child was viewing terrorist material online.

Once the AFP had the family’s trust, they initiated a covert operation against the child with an undercover operative initiating extremist discussions with the boy and encouraged his fixation. 

Having driven the young boy into extremism the AFP then waited until he turned 14 and charged him with terrorism offences.

The police misbehaviour was so extreme that a judge ultimately threw the case out in a savage judgement that was kept secret for months.

The obscene abuse of power by the AFP in this matter was authorised by some of the most senior members of the Australian Federal Police and none of the officers are even under investigation. Instead the AFP has commenced some “internal reviews” of their conduct..  

If police are willing to abuse their anti-terrorism powers so brazenly against a 13 year old boy, then what else are they doing – in secret – with these incredibly far-ranging powers?

Clearly an urgent, and independent, investigation is needed of this case and any related abuses of institutional power by police.

The Greens are calling on the Government to: 

  • Initiate an independent and full-empowered investigation of the AFP’s actions in the case of CDPP v Carrick and any related matters, including considering what sanctions may be applicable to the police involved 
  • Ensure that programs intended to address extremism reduce risks to the community and protect vulnerable people and are not abused by police for the purpose of entrapping people
  • Review AFP engagement with disabled and mentally ill people to ensure their human rights are fully protected

Join us in calling for a real independent inquiry into the AFP.


¹  See coverage on SBS news here. The case is reported as CDPP v Carrick (a pseudonym) [2023] VChC 2.