Stop Morrison’s hateful Religious Discrimination Bill

Tell Morrison and Albanese: Our laws should protect all of us equally

Morrison’s Religious Discrimination Bill is a Trojan horse for hate. Our laws should protect all of us equally. But this bill will do the opposite. 

The Liberals are trying to increase discrimination, not reduce it. It will override existing state and territory laws that protect people from discrimination in employment, and bigoted speech in the name of religion.
Discrimination harms everyone and all Australians should have protection under the law. People of faith should be free to practice their religion without fear of harm or prejudice. 
But this bill will privilege religious belief over other human rights, giving religious people and institutions the freedom to discriminate against vulnerable people and minority communities.
Any bill that enables discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, against kids and teachers in schools, women, people with disabilities, minority faiths, or First Nations people is unacceptable and must be voted down. 

The Greens will fight this attack on Australians’ shared values of equality and fairness for everyone, and we call on Labor and moderate Liberals to join us.
Will you help us stop this bigoted bill in its tracks?