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Women should enjoy equality with men in all aspects of their lives and in our society.

All women, including LGBTIQ+, First Nations, women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and women with a disability have the right to live free from harassment, fear, violence, abuse, and discrimination.

Right now, we are in the midst of a national security crisis, with one in three women experiencing family and domestic violence in their lifetime. On average, one woman is killed by her partner or former partner every week across Australia. These rates of domestic and family violence have not reduced, despite significant public attention. 

The family law system is under strain, courts and legal and support services are chronically under-funded, and outcomes often fail to prioritise the safety of women and children. Multiple inquiries have made recommendations to improve the system, yet the government continues to ignore them.

Women also still face systemic discrimination in many areas of their life. Older women are the largest growing cohort of homeless people, and women of all ages are seeking housing and homelessness support services in greater numbers than ever before. In the workplace, women continue to be paid much less than men and to do more unpaid work in the home.

Women also face greater barriers to healthcare, including reproductive rights. Although abortion has been removed from the criminal code in all states and territories, access to abortions remains limited and expensive, especially outside of the capital cities. Around half of women in Australia experience workplace harassment, and women as young as 12 have reported sexual harassment in public.

The Greens are committed to achieving equality for women by improving our housing, financial and workplace security. We have a plan to ensure women are safe, valued and treated as equals in private and public life, and we will put in place legal, workplace and economic reforms that directly address the key causes of inequality for women in Australia and around the world.