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to Fix Our NDIS

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Disabled people should be valued as equal members of our communities and provided the support and services we need to live a good life.

The NDIS was created to provide these supports and services and to give us choice and control over them.

After successive Liberal governments, the NDIS has been underfunded, and under-resourced. 

We had all expected a new Labor government would end the anxiety, and commence co-designing decisions. 

However, in the latest budget, the Labor government have set a target of 8% for the growth of the NDIS. This will see the funding allocated to the NDIS reduced by over $50 Billion in the next 10 years.

Our community shouldn’t have to fight the system that was created to support us. 

Together, we created the NDIS. Together, we can ensure the government runs the NDIS in a way that works for us, add your name to join our campaign. 

We plan to have:

  • A National Disability Insurance Scheme that is fully funded and demand-driven; with no arbitrary cap on spending. 
  • A lift to the staffing cap from 3,300 to at least 10,000
  • Improved training processes for all staff, particularly disability awareness training
  • An ICT system that is fit for purpose, and accessible for participants and staff
  • Better support so that those who need to, can access funding for assistance animals