Fully Funded Public Schools

Fully Fund Public Schools

 Tell Labor and the Liberals to give our public schools the resources they need

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Our plan for students and teachers.

The 2.5 million students going to public schools deserve the best possible education we can offer them.

But instead of funding public schools to the agreed national standard, Labor and the Liberals have continued to do special deals with private schools, leaving public schools underfunded. Ninety-three percent of public school teachers dip into their own pockets to buy stationery and classroom equipment to make up for the lack of Government funding.

With our commitment of more than $20 billion to public schools over the next ten years, the Greens are the only party with a plan to make sure every public school has the resources to meet the needs of every student.

Our plan for Public Schools

  • Fully fund our public schools by committing $20.5 billion in additional funds over the next ten years. Every public school will reach 100% of their Schooling Resource Standard funding needs by 2023.
  • Build the teaching and learning facilities our students and teachers need, guaranteeing $320 million of capital funding a year to public schools.
  • Work to reverse cuts to funding for students with a disability and ensure that the disability funding tiers match the actual cost of delivering high quality education.
  • Legislate to remove the artificial cap on the federal share of public school funding.