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LET'S FIX THE housing crisis

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Our housing system is broken. Let’s fix it.

Right now, thousands of us are struggling to find a place to live. Rents and house prices have skyrocketed, squeezing people into housing insecurity and homelessness while putting home ownership out of reach for young people.

Who’s to blame? Successive Australian governments that have created a housing system that worsens inequality.

Instead of guaranteeing everyone’s right to a safe home, the Liberals and Labor have given billions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy investors and property speculators and made sweetheart deals with their big billionaire developer donors.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Greens don’t take donations from big corporations. We’re funded by people like you, and we fight for the community. With just a small change in the vote, we can kick the Liberals out and put the Greens in shared power.

With the Greens in shared power, we will push back against billionaires and big corporations and make the next government take action on the housing crisis. It's closer than you think.

Our plan to fix housing

  • The Greens will build one million affordable, accessible and high-quality homes. This will end homelessness, slash public and social housing waiting lists and provide options for young people seeking affordable, secure, quality homes.
  • For renters locked out of home ownership, we'll build options to own a new home in a place you want to live for $300,000
  • We will end the tax breaks that make it easier for investors to buy their fifth home than a family to buy their first by winding back negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount.
  • At the same time, we will ensure high national renters’ rights standards, implementing rent controls and ensuring security of tenure by backing in European-style long-term leases.
  • Investing in a million homes will create 135,000 construction and services jobs and support Australia’s economic recovery over the next decade.