Housing Crisis

LET'S FIX THE housing crisis

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With rents increasing seven times faster than wages, and millions locked out of the housing market, Australia is in the middle of a massive housing crisis. 

Labor’s plan to build just 20,000 public and community homes over five years won’t even touch the sides of a national shortage of 520,000 public homes. 

It’s possible Labor will need the Greens support to pass their housing plan through the Senate. So in exchange for support of Labor’s housing plan, the Greens are calling on Labor to:

  • build 275,000 well designed public and community over the next five years, 
  • introduce a national 2 year rent freeze
  • invest $5 billion in maintenance and upgrades for existing public housing

Rather than spend $254 billion on the Stage 3 tax cuts for politicians and billionaires, Labor should invest that money in building good quality public housing, for the teachers, nurses, cleaners and other people across Australia who need a good affordable home.

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