Housing Crisis

LET'S FIX THE housing crisis

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With rents increasing seven times faster than wages, and millions locked out of the housing market, Australia is in the middle of a massive housing crisis. 

Labor’s plan abandons renters and will see the housing crisis get worse. Labor is supporting unlimited rent increases, during one of the worst rental crises we’ve ever seen. They are actively leaving people behind.

Nine months ago, politics and the media ignored renters and there was zero guaranteed dollars in the Housing Australia Future Fund plan. But thanks to the campaigning from the Greens and the community, renters are more powerful than ever and we’ve secured a total additional $3 billion for social and affordable homes.

Renters are on the march, and the Greens will keep fighting for renters and to genuinely fix the housing crisis. We're going to keep fighting to make unlimited rent increases illegal and freeze and cap rents across the country and for adequate funding for public and affordable housing. 

Our plan to fix the housing crisis:

  • Freeze on rent increases for 2 years and 2% caps after that. Unlimited rent increases should be illegal.
  • National renters’ rights, including an end to no grounds evictions
  • Stop further interest rate increases using existing powers
  • $5 billion Federal funding directly invested every year to build good quality public and affordable homes, funded by:
    • Phasing out negative gearing and capital gains tax discount, to give first home buyers a chance

A rent freeze and a limit on rent increases is not only possible, it’s urgently necessary. It’s necessary for the thousands of people across Australia who are struggling to pay their rent after they’ve copped 20% increases in the past twelve months, and are set to see their rent increase another 10% this year.

A rent freeze and real protections for renters are urgently needed to keep people in their homes and to prevent the worst homelessness crisis we’ve ever seen. 

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