Legalise Cannabis

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A legal and regulated market is a safer market.

The Greens have a plan to regulate, tax and legalise cannabis in Australia.

It’s time we faced the reality that a criminal framework for the use of cannabis has failed and made Australians less safe. An evidence based, health first approach is what the community needs more than ever. 

Millions of Australians are using cannabis every year and while other countries around the world including Canada and the United States have accepted that a prohibition model does not work, the major parties in this countries are intent on pushing forward a policy that criminalises drug users, supports an unregulated and dangerous market and makes people fear seeking help when they need it.

The Greens policy will put an end to this by:

  • Legalising cannabis and creating a regulated market that will ensure quality control 
  • Establishing an Australian Cannabis Agency to issue licence for production and sale and act as the single wholesaler 
  • Banning advertising of cannabis products 
  • Establishing cannabis retail shops, allowing the growth of up to six plants at home for personal use 
  • Imposing penalties for the unlicensed sale of cannabis 

This is going to be huge, and you can get involved right at the beginning. Join our campaign and we’ll keep you updated on our progress, as we take our campaign to universities, neighbourhoods and Parliament House.