Let's Freeze Student Debt


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As inflation bites, student debt is out of control. 

Student debt is out of control.

Student debts are impacting people’s ability to obtain loans, their mental health, their ability to save up to buy a home or simply afford to live a good life.

Student debt is currently indexed in line with inflation. This year, with inflation so high, the average student debt was estimated to have risen by $923.

We desperately need to tackle the student debt crisis. That’s why we introduced a bill to freeze student debt. 

Last year, Greens Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi introduced a bill to freeze student debt. 

This bill will abolish indexation - essentially freezing all student debt - while fixing the repayment thresholds so that no one with a study debt will repay a cent of that debt until they’re earning above the median wage. 

No one should be shackled with a growing debt sentence in order to study. The Greens’ bill is an urgent intervention to provide immediate cost of living relief for all those with study debts and is a step on the road to making education free for all.