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Labor’s given the go ahead for another coal mine

Coal and gas is fuelling the climate crisis, and now Labor is making global heating worse by opening new coal mines. 

We must band together to fight back against the power of coal and gas corporations.

Tanya Plibersek, Labor’s Environment Minister, has given the go ahead to another coal mine, in the middle of the climate crisis.

That’s five coal projects that have been approved this year, including the Gregory Crinum Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, approved to run until 2073, the Isaac River Coal Mine, the Star Coal Mine and the Ensham Coal Mine. 

Labor’s approval for the mine shows our laws which are meant to protect the environment are broken.

The science is crystal clear. If we’re going to stop the world going over the climate cliff, we can’t open up a single new coal project, but Labor has approved four.

Labor is taking too many big donations from coal and gas corporations, and giving them special treatment. Big corporations come first and the environment and climate comes second. 🙄

The only way to tackle the climate crisis is to stop approving new coal and gas.  

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