No More Coal & Gas


Tell the Labor Government to use their powers to stop coal, oil and gas in its tracks.

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Coal and gas are fueling the climate crisis. And Labor is making it worse by opening new coal and gas mines.

2023 smashed the record for the world’s hottest year by a huge margin, hitting 1.48C above pre-industrial levels.

There’s no more time to wait.

But Labor have chosen to back coal and gas beyond 2050 and have already approved 5 new coal projects since returning to government.

We must join together to fight back against the power of coal and gas corporations.

There's still hope. The Greens recently secured a hit on new gas projects fuelling the climate crisis.

Now, the Environment Minister has the power to stop new gas mines if they threaten our precious water supplies, our climate and our future.

Did you know?

As a result of Greens’ pressure, the Environment Minister will now be personally responsible for deciding if climate-destroying projects like the fracking of the Beetaloo and Barossa gas basins can go ahead.

Labor is taking too many big donations from coal and gas corporations, and giving them special treatment. Big corporations come first, and our planet comes second. 🙄

It’s time to make it clear to Labor: no more coal and gas in a climate crisis.

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