Fight for Australia’s Coast

Fight for Australia's coastline

Together we can fight to protect our beautiful oceans from new oil and gas drilling.

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With your help, we can fight to protect our coastlines from new oil and gas exploration.

Right now, the Albanese Labor Government is pushing ahead to approve new dirty oil and gas exploration all around Australia’s coastline, including right next to the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park in the Otway Basin, to the west of King Island in Bass Strait and in the Scarborough gas fields in Western Australia.

This is a climate crime. We need to stop blasting, drilling and burning the exact things that are speeding up climate change and killing our oceans. 

The Greens are fighting to protect our oceans and coastlines from the onslaught of new offshore oil and gas projects. 

We have recently introduced legislation in the Senate that will stop these three climate-wrecking projects in their tracks. The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Fight for Australia’s Coastline) Bill 2022 has been tabled in the Senate by Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, but we need your help to get this legislation through parliament. 

Will you join our campaign and tell Labor and their corporate donor mates from big oil and gas that enough is enough?

Oil, gas and coal are the biggest causes of the climate crisis. We are in the critical decade. We have to halve pollution by 2030 and get to net zero emissions as fast as possible. 

Coastal communities have made it abundantly clear - no one wants more fossil fuel drilling off Australian coastlines. 

Our oceans are home to some of the most unique marine and bird life on the planet. As we did in the Great Australian Bight, when these misguided, climate-wrecking projects are announced we will always fight to stop them.

Join the campaign to stop our Australian oceans being unlocked for oil & gas exploration


Image credit: @haydenoneill from @desfura