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When Labor & the Libs bet on pokies, everyone loses

Pokies are costing Tasmanian hundreds of millions of dollars. We must get them out of our pubs and clubs.

The Liberals stitched up a deal for the pokies industry that locks in harm for another 23 years. And now Labor have joined them and given into bullying from the pokie barons.

Most Tasmanians want to see pokies out of pubs and clubs. Our plan will remove poker machines from pubs and clubs, and introduce stronger harm minimisation measures for poker machines in casinos.

The pokies lobby gives the Liberals millions of dollars in dirty donations. And shamefully, Labor has now backed down and made a deal with the pokie barons.

Liberal and Labor are incapable of delivering a better future for all of us because they are beholden to their big donors including property developers, pokie barons and mining giants that hand them donations in return for favourable decisions worth billions, with no transparency or accountability.

Since 2012 the two major parties have taken over $100 million from big corporations.

It’s time to take our democracy back. The Greens will return integrity to politics, hold politicians and parties to account to ensure policies benefit all of us, not just those who can pay for a seat at the table.

Only the Greens have a plan to get pokies out of Tasmanian pubs and clubs.

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