Increase Newstart

Increase Newstart now!

Help us tell the Labor and Liberal parties: raise the rate of Newstart by $75 now!

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Could you live on $39 a day?

One of the values that define our Australian community is our willingness to give each other a hand when we need it.

But, rather than maintaining our strong social safety net, Liberal and Labor governments have ignored calls to increase Newstart and Youth Allowance for more than two decades. They've burdened a generation of young people with more debt and financial stress, despite giving massive tax handouts to their big corporate mates. 

People struggling to find a job have to live on $39 a day -- much less than what is needed to live a good life. No one in a country as prosperous as Australia should be living in poverty. 

We’ll all benefit from a lift in the Newstart and Youth Allowance rate, and the vast majority of Australians support it. Help us tell the Labor and Liberal parties: raise the rate of Newstart by $75 now!

Our Plan:

Raise Newstart by $75 a week
A $75 per week increase to Newstart to help cover the cost of basic essentials.

Stop punishing people on Newstart
Abolish the punitive measures introduced by the Liberal government including compulsory income management, exploitative youth employment programs like PaTH, Work for the Dole and the Community Development Program.

An independent equality commission
Set up a commission that will provide independent advice to the Government on setting rates of income support and strategies to reduce inequality.