Raise the Rate of Newstart

Increase Newstart now!

Tell the Government to raise the rate of Newstart by at least $95 a week

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Could you live on $40 a day?

The community-led campaign to increase the rate of Newstart has never been stronger. 

72 percent of Australians agree that a raise to Newstart is urgently needed. This is backed up by calls from the business sector, economists, academics, NGO’s and unions. 

So if everyone agrees, why hasn’t Newstart been raised? The Government simply refuses to. 

Instead of supporting people and raising the rate, the Liberals are spending billions to demonise those doing it tough. The Government has continued to push forward with their plans to expand the Cashless Debit Card and flawed drug testing of income support recipients legislation. 

People in our community are denied dignity when they are forced to live on less than $40 a day on Newstart for extended periods because the jobs are simply not there. 

We say enough is enough. 

Newstart must be immediately increased by at least $95 a week.