Rent Freeze Now

FIX THE housing crisis

Let's end tax handouts for property investors so we can make renting and buying your first home affordable again.

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Make unlimited rent increases illegal

Labor is making the rental crisis worse.

Millions of renters are struggling to keep a roof over their head, while the Labor Government continues to hand billions in tax handouts to wealthy property investors.

People need relief right now.

That's why the Greens are fighting for:

  • An immediate rent freeze for 2 years coordinated through National Cabinet
  • Following the freeze, capping future rental increases at 2% every 2 years
  • More public and genuinely affordable housing to be built via a new public property developer

Labor has the power to fix this housing crisis – they're just choosing not to.

The Greens are the only party fighting for renters. Join our campaign for a national rent freeze now.