We Need A Right To Disconnect


Call on the Labor Government to legislate the right to disconnect from work.

By signing this you will also hear from us about our economic justice campaigns from time to time.

You deserve a life outside of work.

No one should feel like they need to be available to their boss 24/7.

The increase in remote work since the pandemic and constant connectivity through mobile devices has blurred the boundaries between work and the rest of life.

When workers aren’t able to find time for themselves and those they care for outside of work, it leads to poor sleep, stress, burnout, and degraded relationships with friends and family.

Unpaid overtime is also one of the key avenues for wage theft. Australians work an average of 6 weeks unpaid overtime each year, equal to over $92 billion in unpaid wages across the economy.

That’s why the Greens are calling for Labor to enshrine the right to disconnect from work as a minimum entitlement in our National Employment Standards.

A right to disconnect will empower workers to set clear boundaries, allowing them to be fully present in their personal lives, and return to work with renewed energy and focus.

Almost 20 countries – including France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland – have already taken this step towards protecting work-life balance. It’s time that Australia follows suit.

Join us in urging the Labor Government to safeguard the rights of workers by enshrining the right to disconnect.