End discrimination in schools

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Dear Prime Minister (and all members of Parliament), I believe our laws should protect LGBTQ+ Australians from discrimination, not enshrine the right to discriminate against them. I call on you to join us and protect LGBTQ+ students, teachers and staff.

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Tell Morrison and Shorten: Protect LGBTQ+ teachers as well as students

Right now Australia’s national anti-discrimination laws allow religious schools to expel and fire LGBTQ+ students, teachers and staff.

Labor has introduced a bill that will only end discrimination against students, meaning that religious schools would still be able to fire LGBTQ+ teachers and other staff, just for being who they are.

A person’s sexuality or gender identity should not disqualify them from attending or working at any school. 

The Australian Greens will move amendments to Labor’s bill to ensure discrimination against LGBTQ+ teachers is removed.

We need your help to show just how much support there is for removing discrimination against teachers and staff, as well as students. 

We can’t afford any further delay. We’re calling for the Government and Labor to support our amendments and commit to protecting LGBTQ+ teachers now.

Schools should be discrimination-free zones for all LGBTIQ+ people, regardless of whether they are are a student or a staff member.

We can build a future where everyone is treated with compassion and respect, but only if we fight against every attempt to divide us. Will you help us defeat this latest attack on the LGBTIQ+ community?