No pokies at the Stafford Bowlo

The LNP-dominated Brisbane City Council has handed over public land - the former Stafford Bowls Club - to Brisbane Racing Club.

And the Queensland Labor Government has signed off on a plan to 76 new pokies machines. 

What’s more, the Queensland Labor Government’s Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming waived the usual requirement for Brisbane Racing Club to submit a community impact statement for their gaming licence, and only advertised for community comment after immense public pressure. 

This situation is unsurprising given that the LNP and Labor have accepted more than $9 million in donations from the gambling industry over the last two decades. Last year, political donations from the gambling industry increased by 40% on the previous year. 

This is legalised corruption, and it’s caused Australians have the world’s worst average gambling losses, about $1000 per adult each year,leading to greater amounts of suicide, domestic violence, crime & financial distress. 

We don’t want to see this happen in Stafford. Local residents have done an incredible job opposing this re-development, calling instead for a family-friendly community hub that will connect nearby sporting facilities and small businesses. 

Stafford doesn't want a commercial gambling interest like Brisbane Racing Club using public land to line their pockets at the expense of local residents. 

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