Stop Ableism in Immigration


Call on Immigration Minister Andrew Giles to remove the immigration exemption from the Disability Discrimination Act.

By signing this, you will also hear from us about our disability and refugee rights campaigns from time to time.

Right now Australia has one of the most ableist immigration systems anywhere in the world and it needs to change. 

Australia's immigration system is exempt from the Disability Discrimination Act. These discriminatory rules are weaponized and ensure that disabled people are treated unfairly. 

This has led to unjust deportations of disabled children born in Australia and denies disabled people the opportunity to immigrate here.

The government can do all this through what is called a “Public Interest Criteria” which has been built on ableist assumptions that treat disabled people as a burden and cost to society. 

This mindset must shift and the system must recognise the valuable role disabled people have in our society and how much they contribute. 

The Greens are committed to amending the Disability Discrimination Act, removing the migration exemption, and putting an end to this blatant discrimination. By doing so, Australia can fulfil its obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and move away from the ableist dogma that exists within our immigration system. 

Join our campaign calling on Australian Labor and Minister Andrew Giles to end the ableism in immigration, remove the exemption from the Disability Discrimination Act and make a clear show of support for disabled people in this country and abroad.