Stop Labor Fast-Tracking New Gas Approvals


Here's a sample call script that you can use:

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR SUBURB]. I am calling to express my disagreement with the Labor Government's plan to fast-track new gas project approvals, like in the Barossa gas field.

The government's new laws would allow the Resources Minister, Madeleine King, to effectively bypass decisions made by the Environment Minister, as well as appropriate consultations with First Nations traditional owners.

This move will mean the Government cannot meet its own climate targets, pushing the world faster to climate catastrophe. You can't put the fire out while you are pouring petrol on it.

The Labor Party promised at the last election that it would strengthen Australia's environment laws, but this is the exact opposite.

I urge [MP] to oppose this change and not fast-track gas approvals that will threaten the future of our planet.

Find Your Labor MP

Right now in Parliament, Labor are trying to introduce laws to fast-track gas approvals for their mates at big gas corporations like Santos.

They're trying to silence First Nations voices, and bypass even weak environmental approvals - and have tried to sneak the changes through without anyone noticing. It's a dodgy move you'd frankly expect from Scott Morrison.

We’re fighting to stop them, but we’re gonna need your help to do it. Here's how:

1. Head to the Australian Parliament website and enter your postcode to find your local Labor MP or Senator.

2. Call their Electorate Office number and explain why you believe the Labor Government must not fast-track gas approvals.

3. Use our call script above if you want any help!

Here's how Labor plans to silence First Nations voices and bypass our already-weak environment laws.

Currently, massive gas projects have to consult with Traditional Owners and go through the Environment Minister for approval - as they should. In fact, Labor went to the election promising they’d make our nature protection laws stronger.

But in a dodgy deal with the Liberals, Labor are trying to make these massive gas projects exempt from our environment protection laws altogether - rather going straight to the gas-loving Resource Minister for approval, even if they will do massive damage to the environment.

These changes also sideline the wishes of First Nations communities who are fighting projects like Santos’ Barossa gas field. First Nations people have winning against the massive gas corporations in court - Labor wants to prevent traditional owners like the Munupi clan from protecting their cultural heritage.

These changes are for big gas corporations like Santos, who’ve been campaigning for these changes for months. It's exactly why fossil fuel corporations have donated millions to the major parties.

These changes also sideline the wishes of First Nations communities who are fighting projects like Santos’ Barossa Gas Field.

We can fix this. But it needs all of us. Let’s get to work!


Tell the Labor Government to use their powers to stop coal, oil and gas in its tracks.

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