Stop Military Exports to Israel


Call on Labor to end Australian military exports to Israel.

This petition will be tabled in the Australian Parliament.

By signing this you will also hear from us occasionally about our peace and defence campaigns.

Australia should not be fueling war crimes.

This year alone the Albanese Government has provided 52 defence export permits to the Israeli Government and over 350 since 2017. 

Australia should not be fueling war crimes and conflict so a small number of arms dealers can make money. 

Join the Greens in calling on the Albanese Government to end military exports to Israel. 

Australia has one of the most unaccountable and secretive weapons export systems in the world.

Australia in recent years authorised an unknown number of weapons and military equipment, not just to Israel but to countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo the UAE and many others currently accused of human rights abuses, which the Greens have opposed.

Over recent weeks, the State of Israel’s attacks on Gaza have killed thousands of innocent people and destroyed hospitals, schools and places of worship. This amounts to illegal collective punishment and war crimes. 

Fueling conflict through exporting military equipment only continues violence at a time when most of the world is desperately calling for a ceasefire.

The Greens are calling on the Government to: 

  • Immediately stop military exports to Israel
  • Provide clear and transparent information on military exports that have already been provided
  • Ensure that Australia is not fueling war crimes by providing military equipment

This petition will be tabled in the Australian Parliament – where your name will be one of tens of thousands of people demanding that Australia be on the right side of history.