Stop Supermarket Price Gouging


Call on Labor to rein in the big supermarkets that are profiting off Australia's cost of living crisis.

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We must hold Coles and Woolies to account.

  • Have you experienced checkout shock? 😱
  • Appalled by the price of basic items like cheese? 🧀
  • Going without your regular food purchases? 😔

Coles and Woolworths are blatantly price gouging.

While they charge you more and more for groceries, they’re posting billions in profits.

Big corporations are causing this cost of living crisis – from the big banks, through to energy companies and supermarkets. While you’re struggling with the cost of living, they’re raising their prices whenever they like. 

The Labor Government has the power to rein in the supermarkets. Instead, they’re backing their corporate mates and letting them get away with it.

The Greens are taking on Coles and Woolies to cut the cost of food for everyone. We’ve secured a Federal Senate Inquiry into the market power, lack of competition and pricing practices of the major supermarkets.

The inquiry will examine the cost of Coles and Woolies’ price-gouging on your cost of living. We’ll be questioning their pricing practices, profits and treatment of suppliers.

Newspaper cutout of a Guardian article with the headline "Woolworths posts $1.62bn profit with dramatic lift in margins despite cost-of-living crisis".


We want to make the CEOs justify their decisions in a public hearing.

But to take on these giants and get the government to step in, we need a groundswell of public pressure.

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