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Secure, affordable, and accessible housing is a human right.

Renters in this country are doing it incredibly tough. 

Nearly a third of all Australian households rent their home. Yet government after government has ignored renters’ rights in favour of landlord profits. 

Renters face the prospect of often-substandard and unsustainable homes, “no grounds” evictions, in some states, and prices that are becoming more unaffordable by the minute. The latest Rental Affordability Index has shown that low and moderate-income households are currently under extreme rental stress in cities and regions across the country.

The Greens are just a few hundred votes from the balance of power. In the balance of power, we will fight to protect renters’ rights and fund advocacy.

To deliver this plan, the Greens will push to:

  • Boost and guaranteeing funding for tenants’ advocacy services by $30 million per year to improve access to independent information, advice and advocacy. 
  • Establish a National Standard of Renters’ Rights which will: 
    • Limit the amount and frequency of rent rises in private rental
    • Prohibit ‘no grounds’ evictions and give tenants the option of European Style long-term leases
    • Allow tenants to make minor changes without permission from their landlord
    • Prohibit blanket ‘no pets’ clauses in leases
    • Ensure appropriate tenancy protections for victims of domestic violence in all states and territories
    • Enforce disability access, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability standards for rental homes.

These measures will support renters alongside Greens commitments to build one million affordable homes, increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance and wind back negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount.

In Australia, up to 1 million tenants currently face rental debt. Strengthening renters’ rights is essential to ensuring that everyone has a place they can truly call home.

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