Tax The Tycoons


Join our campaign to fight for the future by making the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share to fund essential services and climate action that helps everyone

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End the greed. It’s time billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax.

The free ride is over. 

Right now billionaires and big corporations are making off like bandits. Last year Australian corporations recorded record profits. 1 in 3 big corporations still pay no tax. Many send their profits offshore tax free. 

Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to make ends meet through the pandemic. 

Some of Australia’s mining billionaires doubled their wealth during the pandemic, while the corporations they’re in charge of are destroying the environment for profit and turbo-charging climate change. This has to stop. 

When billionaires and big corporations don’t pay enough tax, basic services like health and education suffer. 

By making mining billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, we can build a better life for all of us by having mental health and dental in Medicare, building affordable housing and raising the rate of JobSeeker. Find out more about our billionaires tax here.

The next election is fast approaching and we know what Scott Morrison will do about taxing these corporations - absolutely nothing. Not while some of these big corporations continue to be the Liberal Party’s biggest donors. 

So it’s our job to make this happen.

Join our campaign to make Gerry, Gina, Clive and friends pay their fair share of tax.