From the National Treasurer


Diane Evers

Following on from an unfortunate election result, the Australian Greens are facing a challenging financial period. Staff, candidates, members and supporters put considerable effort into the election, but it was not enough to take on those with more money or more favourable media relationships. The resultant decrease in election funding will effect the financial situation of the Australian Greens and our state and territory members throughout this election cycle.

The annual accounts presented here demonstrate the financial impact of an election year. That is, significantly higher revenue and considerable election expenses. To cover the additional costs, you will note a decrease in our reserves. These reserves had been built up through the previous years to support the election campaign.

Feeling the full impact of decreased election funding at the National Conference 2013, our national manager, Brett Constable, and other staff made considerable adjustments to reduce spending over the coming year, all the while trying to maintain the services provided by the national office. Our staff all deserve our appreciation and support as they continue to perform on minimal resources with considerable challenges.

Our financial statements show that we have managed well over the past 12 months, but it is not a sustainable position without greater support from states. Now, more than ever, we have to work as one. The advances achieved as a national body should not be allowed to weaken. It is the strength of the national organisation that will assist in keeping our message clear, our members listened to and informed, and our elected members guided and supported.