Australia no different to Saudi Arabia when it comes to the treatment of two Saudi journalists


Greens Senators Janet Rice and Nick McKim have condemned the treatment of two Saudi journalists by the Australian government.

Quotes attributable to Senator Janet Rice, Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson

“Since being gay is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, Sultan and Nassar* had no choice but to flee and seek asylum here.

“It’s unconscionable that Australia is treating them like criminals when the supposed ‘crime’ was loving each other. What values does our purportedly fair and diverse country stand for?

“These men were fleeing a country that would lock them up, in appalling conditions, for an indefinite period of time, only to arrive in Australia to find even worse treatment here.

“When these journalists liken their treatment in Saudi to the violence they have experienced here in Australia, it should be a wake-up call to our government.

“These two journalists are also being punished for telling the truth about their intention to seek asylum here. What message does the Morrison government think that sends to people who are entitled to seek refuge in Australia?”

Quotes attributable to Senator Nick McKim, Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson

“These men must be released in Australia while their claims for asylum are assessed.

“Australia’s co-operation with the Saudi regime on immigration matters is deeply troubling.

“This case shows Australia desperately needs immigration reform, with human rights front and centre.”

*Names have been changed